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Hello everyone, my name is Jason Lauren and I am the creator of this wonderful website you have come to visit. I grew up as a farm boy in a rural state for the first twenty years of my life. In 1996, I was offered a job in our local furniture store where I sold mattresses, kitchen sets, sofas, tables and massage chairs. In my eyes, the massage chairs was the best product we sold in this small store and I absolutely loved sitting on them. Decades of heavy labor due to the farm life left me in a state of constant back, neck, leg and hip pain which is why I would sit on them every chance I get. Within minutes the aches and pains would disperse when sitting on a massage chair. Massage chairs instantly became my passion because of the life changing qualities they have to offer. As of today, I virtually have none of the ailments I once had due to the massage chair sitting in my living room.


My experience selling massage chairs and the interest I have in them is something that is not common. Very few people in the massage chair industry know whats right and whats wrong when it comes to finding the best massage chair. I started this website to educate folks and help them through their purchase of finding the right massage chair. In my opinion, a massage chair is an investment which is why the buyer should be fully aware of what they are purchasing. I built this site to educate people about the investment they make in massage chairs. A good quality massage chair should offer you a massaging experience that mimics an actual human.

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