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People encounter stress in their daily routines quite often such as waiting in traffic during a commute to work. All these stressors can tighten the neck, shoulders and back area of your body. When this occurs often with no release from the build up, your body will start to feel aches and pains in those areas.  At the end of a long day, week or even month you may find yourself craving a massage to relieve all of that tension. After all, massages not only alleviate stress but also offer so many benefits to your overall health. They can improve your body functions by releasing muscle tension which will enable you to accomplish more throughout the day. If these benefits sound good to you then having a massage available to you at any time can be achieved by finding the best massage chair that is a perfect fit for you.

Many of us may have had that perfect massage from an amazing masseuse and dream of being able to go back to them. However, due to time, money and other obligations it may not be possible to obtain their services often. With the use of a massage chair you can have that relaxing feeling again in the comfort of your own home. Many advances in technology have been utilized to create some of the best massage chair that imitate the muscle manipulation and techniques performed by human hands. Instead of being on a waiting list to book your favorite masseuse and then driving there, you can just come home and relax in your favorite massage chair.

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The Different Types of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are not all built with one sole design but are actually available in a variety of different options. The best massage chair for you may be determined by the actual type of massage. Listed below is the various types of massage chairs:

Anti Gravity Massage Chairs

This type of chair offers zero gravity and gives the user a feeling of weightlessness. These chairs are designed to be set in many different positions so the user can find one that makes them comfortable and targets the areas that they need to have massaged. These chairs are designed to absorb the weight of the user which takes the pressure off of the spine. After sitting at a desk all day, this chair will give you the posture to relax areas of your body that are stiffened while working. When using this chair, it is important to adjust it correctly in order to achieve maximum comfort. It is often recommended for people with back pain. Some of the best Massage chair utilize this massaging technique.

Office Massage Chairs

Many people are familiar with the Osaki massage chairs that professionals use in their line of work. These portable chairs were designed to provide the optimal position that a masseuse needs in order to give a massage in a private setting. However, with a robotic version of this chair you can achieve similar results even while you are sitting at your desk and working. The dual functioning motion of the chair relaxes the joints that may tense up during work hours. Your work day can become less stressful by utilizing an office massage chair option which is what makes them some of the best Massage chair in the market.

Medical Massage Chairs

Medical massage chairs assist people that encounter ongoing and chronic pain in certain areas of the body. This pain may begin to disrupt their daily lives. Medical massage chairs are a great option for people that have finished physical therapy but still need a routine massage in that area to decrease pressure that is built up. These chairs are used in many medical facilities as well as in homes. When searching for the best massage chair for yourself, make sure to speak to your doctor before purchase to see which type of medical chair would be most beneficial to you.

Professional Massage Chairs

Professional massage chairs are often portable which allows the masseuse to bring them to clients. The person receiving the massage will either be lying flat or in an upright sitting position face down. There is often a hole in the portion where the head goes which allows them to breath through it. These chairs are very sturdy and take the pressure off of the body while the person is being massaged which is what makes them one of the best Massage chair.

Massaging Techniques Used in Massage Chairs

When shopping for a massage chair, it is important to be aware of the actual massaging technique that the chair has. Certain massaging techniques are more effective than others for certain individuals. That said, the best massage chairs will have one or more of these techniques:

Shiatsu Massage

This type of massage is derived from Japan. it consists of finger pressure being applied to different parts of the body. The masseuse can use different parts of their body to give the massage including fingers, their feet and the palms of their hands. Some other techniques used in this massage include stretching and joint manipulation. This massage is often used to relieve areas of stress that are located in the body and provide energy flow throughout it.

Kneading Massage

The technique of kneading is a very common process used during massage. It is very similar to a baker that is kneading dough. There are many different forms of kneading such as superficial, deep, palmar and rolling. This technique is a great way to increase blood circulation and release toxins from the body. The pressure that is applied to the body during this process increases muscle stimulation.

Rolling Massage

Techniques can be used in massages that will target certain areas and rolling is one of them. This process involves a rolling motion being applied to the areas of the back and spine in order to relieve tension. This process can be used to warm up muscles before applying different massage types and techniques. Rolling is also used to increase circulation and relax your back before more pressure can be applied to it.

Swedish Massage

This type of massage is a great way to relieve stress. muscle soreness and poor circulation that exists throughout the body. It relieves toxins from the body and the motion of the massage is meant to go toward the heart. Friction is often used during Swedish massages to relieve tension deep within the muscles which gives the area being massaged more flexibility.


This type of massage involves fingertips lightly tapping the areas of the body that need tension release. This technique is used for a relatively short amount of time in order to prep the area where the massage is needed. It can be used on the back or on other sensitive areas such as the head or face.

The Benefits of Owning a Massage Chair

Regular down time from the stressors of everyday life is important to your overall health. The benefits of owning a massage chair that is right for needs that are similar to yours have been sufficiently researched and documented. Here are some examples of the information that has been gathered to illustrate the benefits of owning your very own massage chair and some help when it comes to finding the best massage chair.

Developing a healthier you

Stress is one of the leading causes of disease, chronic illnesses, and other aches and pains. It can cause migraines, nausea and joint discomfort. Depression and anxiety have often been linked to stress along with gastrointestinal problems, heart disease and obesity. Stress accelerates complications due to diabetes, asthma and previous injuries that you may have had. Although relaxing may not cure these illnesses, it may relieve symptoms that are amplified by having too much stress in the body.

Increase in Energy

Stress takes away most of the vital energy that you need in order to complete the many demands that you have in your life. The best massage chair will allow you to gain more concentration to focus on what needs to be done and accomplish more than you normally would without this helpful device.

Increase your sleep ability.

Stress can often keep you up at night tossing and turning. The stiffness in your joints, back and shoulders could also keep you awake. Without needed rest there is no way for you to energize and recharge. Receiving a relaxing massage in your chair before bedtime is a great way to get the quality sleep time that you need.

Ward off sickness by increasing your immunity.

Everyday stressors can weaken our immune system and the ability to fight off illnesses such as the common cold and the flu. Missing work and other events due to these sicknesses may add extra stress to your life. By receiving daily massages your body will become more equipped to handle all of the viruses that often get in our system from constant contact with coworkers, crowded places and family.

Questions You Should Be Asking When Purchasing Your Massage Chair

After making the important choice to buy a massage chair, there are several other considerations that have to be made. Purchasing this item is a major buy and an investment piece that will provide you with relaxation for many years to come. When choosing a chair to buy try to take in attributes such as brands and special features one at a time. Pinpoint what you like and know what you are looking for in general before making this major decision.

What are my main reasons for buying a massage chair?

Answering this question will help you to eliminate brands that do not suit your purpose and narrow in the selections that do. Are you simply looking for a relaxing chair to release your stress after work or do you have specific aches and pains that need to be addressed? Other considerations for your purchase may include how much space that you have for it in your home and in what room you are considering putting it.

How much should I spend on a Massage Chair?

The list of chairs that meets your needs will also be shortened as you factor in your budget. Lower budgets can get you a model with standard features. As you get into higher price ranges, you will find additional features to choose from. Do not go by the price tag alone to judge the quality of a chair. Access reviews of the product online and if you are able to see the chair model in person, do that as well. Depending on your needs and budget you can expect a range of about $500 dollars to a little under $10,000. The prices vary immensely across brands and models when searching for the best massage chair for you.

Where Should I buy a massage chair?

You may be able to see a model of the chair you like at certain brick and mortar locations but you will not always be guaranteed to see it in person before buying. Online shopping can allow you to browse through many different options and compare them to one another at your convenience. Amazon has become a great site throughout the years that is equipped with customer reviews and descriptions of the items which helps enormously on your search for the best massage chair.

What to look for in Reviews When Shopping for The Best Massage Chair

The main thing that you want to look for in reviews when searching for the best massage chair is a description of the quality of the product and whether or not the customer was satisfied. With bigger purchases such as a massage chair, you will want to read many reviews and hopefully the chair that you are looking to buy will have them. Make sure the reviews are from real users and do not just rely on the company website and what they have to say.

Look into the Massage Chair Warranty Information

Most of the chairs will definitely have a warranty on the chair itself as well as the parts. These chairs should last for a very long time and the warranty provides further assurance that it will. No matter what the best massage chair may be, the warranty that comes with it is extremely important.

Research features that your chair will need to have in order to meet your needs

The Best massage chair should be durable and have excellent craftsmanship. Research materials that were used to make the product and take into consideration the weight capacity. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing to you if you are considering the look of it and how it will blend in with the other furniture in the space that you choose to put it. Check the measurements online to see if it will fit into the desired area as well.

Consider which areas of the body that the chair will have to target

The best massage chair should target a specific area of your body that needs a relief in pressure. For instance, some chairs work on the whole body while others are built to massage specific areas. People with back problems may want a chair to focus on that area while others may opt for one that specializes on their legs for rehabilitation purposes. These machines can focus on certain pressure points as well as contain customizable settings that are perfect for different needs. The best massage chair for you should be tailor made to your wants and needs only.

Consider The Type of Massage You Get From The Chair

The best massage chair should offer different massage styles that were mentioned before. If you had a shiatsu message at a spa and it was your favorite, get a chair that can mimic the motion at home. Some can offer special massaging prep techniques such as kneading or rolling that will relax the muscles before you begin more involved massage types. Your budget can establish how many treatment settings that the chair you choose can offer. The higher priced models will let you adjust the settings to your desired effect. You will be able to program them to specific areas of the body as well as apply the type of massage you want there which is why these models are some of the best massage chair in the market today.

Before you begin looking for a massage chair, make sure that you have considered all the factors that you need. A huge chair that massages your lower back may not fit the desired space that you have in mind to put it in. The specific massage type that it offers may not be within your budget. Keep all of these things in mind as you shop for such a big commitment item. The best massage chair for you should meet your needs and bodily requirements for years to come.

The Best Massage Chair Brands

When searching for the best massage chair, it is important to be aware of the prominent brands in the industry. Many of the top massage chair brands have features unique to their own which can be big factor when searching for the best massage chair. Outlined below are the biggest massage chair brands:

Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic is a very popular brand in the massage chair industry. They are leaders in technological innovations as well a name that you can trust. These chairs are known for their quality as well as their durability. Their devotion to research and customer satisfaction has enabled them to develop a timeline of chair models that began in 1969 with their Box Type model. One of their most recent introductions to the world of massage chairs is the 2011 Real Pro Thermal. For a chair that gives a feel of human hands, Panasonic is a viable option.

Inada Massage Chairs

Inada has won a top award within the realm of massage chair manufacturers and makes one of the best massage chair in the industry. These chairs combine the traditional art of shiatsu massage with modern world technology and convenience. With all of these elements combined Inada provides its customers with a product that relieves daily stress from their hectic lives. This company began in Japan during the early sixties and are the oldest massage chair makers. Some of their popular models include the Dreamwave, The Flex 3 and the Yu-Me.

Omega Massage Chairs

The Omega company prides itself on the ability to provide exceptional therapeutic devices to their customers. Not only are their chairs appealing to look at, they also offer many massage chair specialties that are available within the market. Some of these chairs offer zero gravity and are named according to their features and designs.

Osaka Massage Chairs

The Osaki line includes chairs such as the Apex Pro Lotus. This brand offers very sleek and modern designs to their customers that can fit in with a great variety of spaces. Osaki offers other massage and therapeutic products in addition to their chairs. It has become a name that is associated with home healthcare options. Their products receive vigorous testing to ensure quality control and reliability.

Cozzia Massage Chairs

Cozzia is a great option for budget minded consumers that are looking for a massage chair. Their massage chairs offer features that prep your muscles before applying more pressure to them. These chairs enable you to have the correct posture to fully benefit from the techniques that are being used. For a full body system choose one that has you covered from your upper body to your toes. Cozzia EC 363 Massage chair is one of their models.

Infinity Massage Chairs

This company is an innovator when it comes to massage care functions, designs and therapeutic features. These chairs can be programmed and customized for your specifications. They can also come with a handy remote as well as a place to hold musical devices that will help you to achieve ultimate relaxation. Models in this brand include Infinity Riage and Infinity Evoke.

Lurch Massage Chairs

The Luraco company is a product of American craftsmanship that is revered in the medical community. These chairs are safety certified and meet the standards and regulations that are needed by the FTC. One of their models includes the I Robotics 7.

Human Touch Massage Chair

For the customer that wants to feel like they are actually at the hands of their favorite masseuse then this brand is for them. NASA inspired one of their chairs which is the Human Touch Zero Gravity Recliner. Other chairs include the Human Touch Whole Body Immersion Massage Chair and the Human Touch Zerog 5.0 massage chair.

Osim Massage Chairs

Ossim has become an up and coming leader within the relaxation enhancing product circuit. They not only offer chairs that are designed for ultimate comfort in mind but also have different types of massaging products that are top notch. Their research team consists of many specialists that provide their expertise to the product making process. Some of their chairs include the UDiva and the UNano.

I Comfort Massage Chairs

This company focuses on your home relaxation systems. One of their top sellers is their line of massage chairs. They also offer saunas as well as portable massagers. With so many different products within their company you are sure to find a chair and other products that will suit you needs such at the IC1106 and the IC1002.

Fujita Massage Chairs

Fujita focuses on the natural balance of humans and how they enjoy their surroundings. This company is an effective group at marketing and distribution that puts out a high quality product. Their chairs are a great way to relieve stress that is built up and to relaxed tired muscles. their products include KN9005. SMK9070 and SMK900.

Inner Balance Massage Chairs

This company offers chairs with zero gravity technology that will help you to feel weightless. The zero gravity technology offered in their massage chair is why this brand continues to release some of the best massage chair today. Using these chairs is a great way to relieve daily stress and to release muscle tension after a workout. This brand is a division of the Johnson Health Tech and dedicated to the science of relaxation and restoration.

Maintaining and Cleaning your Massage Chair

best massage chairs

Make sure to read the information that is provided by the company about your chair before using it. Not all chairs are alike and with constant updates being made and new technologies arriving often, it is best to fully understand the functions and proper use of your specific chair. Make sure to sit in it correctly and adjust it to the person that is using it before beginning any massage. Similar to fixing your car seat and adjusting your mirrors before driving, one must do the same with the massage chair to achieve the optimal comfort position to ease them into the relaxation process. No what the best massage chair is, it is important know your chair and care for it as you will get better results from it and longer usage.

Wrapping It Up

The information offered on this site is sure to provide you with the tools that you need to achieve the ultimate relaxation experience. We do the research and provide you with the best companies and chairs that are offered on the market. Each brand and type of chair contains quality, durability and will most likely include a warranty. When choosing the best massage chair that is tailor made for you, it is important to consider your budget, health needs and design preference as you browse this collective view of massage chairs that contain the technology to get you in a relaxing mood and feel more revived.

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