Best massage table

Choosing The Best Massage Table For Your Shope or Home | Our Guide

Best massage table

A massage table is actually a bench with padding on it that is attached to a removable set of legs. The massage therapist can actually move the legs and store them inside for transport. This is convenient for if the therapist works in multiple practices, requiring her to travel. It also has a face cradle, according to the WiseGeek website, for resting a patient’s face as he or she is receiving his or her massage. The legs on the table are adjustable, so you as the therapist can adjust it according to his or her height or comfort level. Also, some massage tables come with breast recesses for female clients to rest their breasts during treatment, to prevent the discomfort caused by smushing. Choosing the best massage table is crucial if you want your clients to be happy.

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Types of Massage Tables

Best massage table

Ebay points out four different types of massage tables. In choosing one to use, you should be mindful of how you intend to use it. A portable table is a perfect fit for those who work at more than one practice, or makes house calls. They fold easily, and can be stored in a carrying case as you travel between practice locations. The best massage table will be geared towards your preference and what you intend on using it for.

If you are working in a spa type setting, consider an elevating table. This type is good for upper-body or foot elevation-involved massages. The advantage is that the client can sit upright during his face or foot massage. This helps keep the feet elevated in foot massages. There are moving parts on the elevating table, like the portable table. In choosing one of these, quality should be a high priority.

If you are intending to be practicing your craft in one place, consider a stationary table.As the name implies, this kind of massage table does not move. They are heavy, more durable, and have fewer moving parts. A strong disadvantage, of course, is certain patients can find this kind of table uncomfortable.

If you have clients with mobility issues, they may have a tough time getting up or down from a traditional massage table, you may consider investing in a hydraulic table,one that raises and lowers automatically. These are ideal if you’re working in a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare setting.



Best Massage Table Brands

Best massage table

BestMassage is a firm from Chicago that sells massage tables and accessories. They have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, according to their website. They have been in business since 1999, being started by a man named Jeffrey Tippman, from Germany. Not only is Tippman the founder of this business, he has seen to it that Best Massage has a presence around the world. Bestmassage has an awsome track record and makes one of the best massage table today.

Earthlite is a company that seems to concern itself with being environmentally friendly. If you buy one of their products, know that they don’t use traditional wood that more easily breaks down. Their website points out that they use Canadian hard maple for its legs and braces. Baltic plywood is employed for the table tops. This type of wood is from farmed and renewable sources. That said, the materials used in the construction and build results in one of the best massage table in the industry. They are so confident about the durability of their product, they offer a money back guarantee if you are not pleased with their product. Just save the receipt until you’ve decided you want to keep their product.

Iron Man sells massage tables, bicycles and other athletic supplies. They’ve partnered with Paradigm Health and Wellness to design what they call “top of the line” exercise products which results in one of the best massage table made. They have what they call a WeAssist App that provides instructions on how to assemble, how to register a product, and a warranty that they say covers for a long time, so should your table become unusable, you can present them with it.

Master Massage is the brand for you if you want a place that meets your massage needs overall as a therapist. For indeed, a good massage is more than just about the massage tables as important as they indeed are. According to their website, they not only sell massage equipment, but also massage warming oils and also massage chairs and disposable headrests.



What to look for when choosing the best massage table

Best massage table

Affordability–This should be your first consideration, according to expert Leif Montgomery. In trying to save money, there is a possibility that you could end up with a table that shows it’s a piece of junk before you hardly even get it home. But for a good one, expect to pay a minimum of $200. On average, the best massage chair are around the $200 mark.  How much you’re spending on it could also be determined by your level. As a student, you may be already be grappling with paying tuition, while at the same time trying to keep your rent up to par. Take all this into consideration when you are buying and shop around.

Table Type– There is another consideration you should give–namely, what do you want to use your table for? If you are a student who wants a table for your own use, you should buy something different from one meant for professional use, such as a stationary table. Maybe a portable table will be more appropriate choice for you, especially if you will be performing this type of work in different venues.

Width– The average table length, according to Montgomery, is about 30 inches wide. In making the decision about what is best for you, also consider your overall scope of clients. Make your decision a combination of what you as the practitioner find comfortable, and what will make your clients comfortable. If the majority of clients feel comfortable using a wider table, or not quite 25 inches,that’s the one to buy.

Height– All massage tables come with an adjustable height of about 24-34 inches. If the majority of your clients don’t fall within this range, you may want to ask that one be custom-made for you in your practice.



Benefits of Owning Massage Tables

massage tables

Instead of having to pay a massage center money every time you want a massage, why notbuy yourownmassage table? According to the Massage Store Blog, there are at least five benefits to buying your own table.

–First, you can enjoy giving and receiving your own massages, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can also use this to bond with your significant other, by giving one to your loved one, and by letting him do it to you in return.

–Second, you can practice on your mate, gaining experienceoutside the classroom, while preparing foryourtest for licensing. Practice makes perfect, and that goes for the art of massage as well.

–Third, you should be able to learn to practice this art on yourself, or have your partner do it. This makes for better sleep, blood circulation, and lower blood pressure as well.

–Fourth, it can help you learn to relax. The pressures of a job can be daunting. As the Massage Store Blog points out, there are times when you don’t know how stressed you really are until you’ve lashed out at someone for practically no reason at all. Stress affects all of us in some form or another, and with the ownership of a massage table, you can relieve this stress.

–Finally,it can save you money. If you have a massage therapist, his craft can be hard on him if he has to worry about taking his massage board over to your house, plus worry about the massage itself. Having to do both may affect him in ways he doesn’t even realize right now, for muscle damage at times doesn’t manifest until years have passed and one has gotten older. In addition, for being so thoughtful, some therapists will actually give you a discount and be that much gladder to visit you at home.


Caring For Massage Tables

cleaning massage table

No matter what the best massage table may be, you have to take care of it. Make sure you have quality sheets on your massage table when you’re working with clients. Wash them. Taking these steps prevents materials and substances–whether they are body oils or massage oils seeping into the upholstery and wearing the material out. If you are using your table for acupuncture, be aware that you are using needles for this and, therefore, need extra protection. You need to put a protective layer over the table that’s strong enough to guard against the needles coming into contact with the upholstery.

Also, do not use industrial cleaners in cleaning your table. The agents in these cleaning supplies will wear your upholstery out with their heavy chemical load, according to the Massage Wearhouse website. It hardens the upholstery, causing crackling and wrinkling, which is not something you want to happen to your upholstery, both for safety reasons and warranty reasons as well. For as a rule, massage table companies don’t like replacing products that the consumers have damaged by their own negligence.Thus, the best way to wash it and dry it is to wash it with a gentle soap, and dry it with water. Also, pat it dry with a gentle towel. The best massage chair can be rendered the worst if its not properly cleaned and maintained.


Check Your Massage Tables Screws!

Check your screws every two months, particularly if you don’t adjust the height very often. This could be something that could get you in serious trouble with a client that becomes injured in your office. Your client is trusting you to keep him or her safe on your equipment. That means you are a steward of that trust. If you breach it, they may be able to collect a significant amount of money from you. Thus it’s important to make sure your screws are tightened completely before you use it to serve your clients. This is of utmost importance. Have a screwdriver handy at all times. Don’t take it for granted that everything is in order. This could be a very expensive mistake.


Your Massage Table is Scuffed? There’s Still Hope

Massage tables, like everything else, goes through normal wear and tear, and scuffing can happen. You always want your table to look professional. The slightest thing that looks out of order can result in your losing a customer. So also check for scuffing. If you find it, find a walnut. Rub it in the affected spot. In so doing, the juice from the walnut will return it to the appearance that you enjoyed the day you bought your table.



Conclusion of the Matter

The questions you may have had finding the best massage table should now be answered. Massage tables are similiair to what a musical instrument is to a musician. You must carefully choose which one to buy, and after you’ve bought it, you must take care of it appropriately. This post, hopefully, has served as a guide in doing just that. The idea is that knowing what massage board to buy–as well as how to use it and care for it–is the most important lesson to learn in your career.

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