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Best Tens Unit and EMS Combo Units: Reviews and Buyers Guide 2017best tens unit

Pain is the body’s method, within the nervous system and which emanates from the brain, to alert us to possible injuries. Once our injury is taken care, in most cases, the pain will subside. But sometimes these alerts or signals keep firing. Millions of Americans suffer pain for weeks, months, and years. So many people today are suffering with pain. Chronic and acute pain can stem from an injury, a surgery, an illness and other factors. Individuals who are in chronic pain is considered a public health issue because they are affecting hospitalization costs, lost income and consistently used insurance coverage, which are just a few of the financial costs. The federal government and their pain studies, estimates that pain sufferers costs the U.S. around $600 billion annually. Chronic pain doesn’t only affect the physical body, it also causes mental problems, like depression. Continual pain also causes an increase in pain prescriptions. More deaths are contributed to its abuse, such as addictions, overdoses and death. There is now mobile technology that is providing help with managing pain. One solution for subsiding pain is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) and the Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS). We breakdown the best tens unit and the best ems unit in our guide below.

Editor’s Recommend TENS UNIT and EMS Combo UNITS

Pure Enrichment Pure Pulse Duo EMS and TENS Combo Device

Pure Enrichment Pure Pulse Duo EMS and TENS Combo Device

iReliev TENS and EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator 

best tens unit 2017

Current Solutions InTENSity Twin Stim III 

Current Solutions InTENSity Twin Stim III by Current Solutions

TEC.BEAN Rechargeable TENS & EMS Combo Unit

best tens unit combo

  • Unit Build Quality 93%
  • EMS Massage Quality 94%
  • TENS Massage Quality 89%
  • Battery Life 98%
  • Price 85%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 97%
  • Consumer Reviews 97%
  • Unit Build Quality 92%
  • EMS Massage Quality 96%
  • TENS Massage Quality 92%
  • Battery Life 95%
  • Price 85%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 94%
  • Consumer Reviews 95%
  • Unit Build Quality 89%
  • EMS Massage Quality 88%
  • TENS Massage Quality 90%
  • Battery Life 91%
  • Price 95%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 95%
  • Consumer Reviews 94%
  • Unit Build Quality 87%
  • EMS Massage Quality 86%
  • TENS Massage Quality 91%
  • Battery Life 89%
  • Price 98%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 92%
  • Consumer Reviews 90%

What Is A TENS and EMS Unit

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) and the Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) are two electrical devices that helping people experience a better pain-free life. A TENS unit stimulates the body’s nerve endings and an EMS unit stimulates the muscles. Both the TENS and an EMS device emits low voltage levels of electrical impulses to stimulate nerves and muscles. There are prescription style TENS and EMS unit and there are over-the-counter devices.

EMS units help to reduce spasms and to strengthen weak muscles. EMS devices operate from 1 to 130 mega hertz. At these healing rates, EMS units help to reduce swelling and inflammation. EMS units are better identified in re-educating an atrophic muscle to awaken. The units are very lightweight and their electrical impulses are designed mimic natural muscle contractions. EMS units work very well in individuals whose muscles have become immobile due to a surgery, an injury, a health problem and various conditions that benefit from increased local circulation. The electrical voltage from an EMS device helps to change the chemical reactions, which affects muscle glycogen, fat and other nutrients that are stored within the muscle. Rather than going to a gym to work your muscles, an EMS unit gives your muscle a 95% workout increase without the muscle soreness after a workout. It features pad with connecting wires, which are applied to a particular muscle. The muscles will then contract and rhythmically relax via the EMS unit.

Continual pain is relieved  is offered by some of the best TENS unit. The TENS unit delivers, an electrical stimulation which triggers the body to release more endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain killers and which gives the body that feel-good feeling. Many TENS units are battery-operated which can easily placed into a pocket. There are pads or patches with wires attached for the electrode currents. The pads are attached to the skin on the affected pain nerve and when activated, its electrical discharge is what eases the pain levels. Medical researchers believe that using a TENS device stimulates the increase of endorphins, which are natural morphine like chemical substances without any dangerous side effects. Overall a TENS device is used on many parts of the body to treat nearly every ailment, including pregnancy contractions, tooth aches, travel sickness and so much more. Professional athletes often use the TENS to alleviate pain from their respective sport. Finding the best tens unit for yourself has several variables which is why its important to research and not blindly purchase a random unit.



What Is the Difference Between a Tens Unit and an EMS Unit

Long term pain or short-term spurts of pain, but which are endured for months and years, can now be eased without drugs, surgery, topical gels or creams. The electrical stimulation from a TENS device and a EMS unit is the method preferred. They send electrical pulses to the nerve and muscles, respectively, to help control pain. The two devices serve different functions, but they both provide comfort during chronic or acute nerve and muscle pain episodes.

An EMS unit works by sending electrical pulses to the injured muscle. It is a low frequency device which works precisely on the muscle areas that require a passive exercise method. Sport clinics and medical institutions use it to treat muscular injuries and paralyzed muscles. Its main purpose is to ease the pain from the muscles, but it also improves muscle tone and improves blood circulation. It serves as a rehabilitation , especially in atrophy cases. An EMS device can be used to work a group of muscles at the same time.

A TENS device simply stimulates the brain to release more endorphins which is a natural defense against pain. Used more for acute and chronic nerve pain, they are used more specifically at one areas of the body at a time. The best TENS unit can be worn a lot, even when sleeping because it does work with drugs and it doesn’t impair one’s thinking or reasoning motors. As a portable device, it can be worn to relieve for up to 12 hours. It is made with adjustable settings which are used to set the amount of electrical stimulation a person needs for their pain level. A basic TENS unit delivers pulse intensity between 0 to 80m, which some units going as high as 100. The rate of the pulses are considered low because nerves are very sensitive and only need minimal stimulation. TENS pulse rates are usually around 1 to 2 pulses per second. For severe pain, it can be safely dialed up to 2 – 150 pulses per second.



The Best TENS Unit and EMS UNIT Brands

Finding the best tens unit and ems unit brand is a tad bit tricky at times due to the vast selection available. TENS and EMS unit Brands are available in a variety of models and price ranges. The units below are some of the best units that are very popular. Many of their features includes rechargeable batteries, large screens, they are lightweight, powerful and many have the ability to treat two areas simultaneously. Additional features can includes an easy touch screen feature, varied sized pads, select buttons for various parts of the body, adjustable program timer and separate controls for stimulation, i.e., beat, massage or knead.






Pure Enrichment

Current Solutions



Pure Pulse Pro



The above brands have consistently relased some of the best tens unit and ems unit in the industry.



Benefits of Owning a TENS and EMS Units:

Technology has given pain sufferers the convenience of a combination TENS and EMS unit. A mobile device gives people the benefits of a TENS which stimulates nerve endings and with a click, the benefits of an EMS unit which is used to stimulate the muscles. Some of the best TENS unit and EMS units are FDA approved, which is why many combination devices do not require a prescription.

The only difference in owning a TENS and EMS units together is getting a doctor to prescribe how high their patient’s electrical stimulation should be. The best TENS unit will have channels for different program settings and so does the EMS channels. Together they each have dual channels for intensity levels.

TENS helps individuals with nerve damage as a result of health issues and injuries. Common problems that a TENS unit helps to alleviate pain, are back pain, arthritic conditions, labor pains, knee pain, neck pain, period pain, MS pain, foot pain and pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.

EMS benefits rehabilitation muscle toning and sports training. For training it increases endurance; in rehabilitation it builds and strenghten muscles; it gives muscles a better toned appearance and sports trainers encourage its use as an exercise warmup to prevent soreness and cramps.



Buying the Best tens unit and Ems Unit: What to look for

When it comes to shopping for the best tens unit and ems unit, there are a few key factors to be aware of. When you are in constant pain, you almost don’t care about what to look for when buying a TENS and EMS unit. You’re only concern is the alleviation of chronic or acute pain or muscle toning for that sports event coming up or if you have MS, you need stimulation to help awaken damaged nerves. Before you purchase a TENS and EMS unit, there are certain details you need to be aware of. Ask your doctor what type he suggests if you are under medical attention. Your doctor’s medical opinion and experience will go a long way to your choosing the best devices for your condition. Also, individual’s need to know why they need a TENS or an EMS unit and what they are using it for.

You need to look for features that match your desired goal. How many electrodes you need, a number of channels that works for both a TENS and an EMS unit. One key feature to look for in a TENS and EMS device is its “warranty.” A device with a long warranty period means that the manufacturer believes in this product and is committed to customer satisfaction. WiFi is your next best bet in finding out about a TENS and EMS Massager. Go to Internet blogs on the subject of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and Electronic Muscle Stimulator devices. Depending on how you want to use either device, check these forums and get some idea of the different brands and what they have to offer when looking for the best tens unit and best ems unit.



Maintaining and Cleaning TENS and EMS Massagers:

TENS and EMS units are the latest, most popular devices that are praised by trainers on every level and used in all types of sport activities and recommended by therapists and physicians. If you are in constant pain, then you are using your devices daily, which means that the electrode pads will wear out and must be replaced. The pads need to be cleaned after each use. This simple exercise can help them to last a long time. After using each device, turn them off and unplug the electrode wires. Common cleansing for the electrodes is to use soap and water – do not use alcohol! When not using the TENS and EMS Massager units, always unplug them. Also, keep your batteries charged for safety. The units themselves should be stored in a cool, dry place.




You should now have no problem picking out the best tens unit and ems unit for yourself now. Research and studies are about 90% behind the effectiveness of TENS and EMS Massager units. But, when you ask individuals who are using it daily, they would give these electrical impulse devices a 2000% approval. TENS and EMS devices are designed to communicate with the brain, through electrical impulses and thus stimulate certain non-pain nerves. Many people who suffer from continual pain from illnesses and people in sports are being helped in managing their pain and giving them a better and more productive life.

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