Bestmassage ec 06c Review | Our Analysis on the Massage Chair
Bestmassage ec 06c Review

If you want a full body massage chair at an affordable price then Best Massage got you covered. The EC 06C full body shiatsureclining full body massage chair is simply amazing. This electric massage chair will massage every inch of your body from head to toe. Backed by a year-long warranty, you can’t go wrong when choosing BestMassage EC O6C. The EC 06C is made with a user-friendly design, loads of features, and endless functionality. Our Bestmassage ec 06c review was comprised of a number of factors including the quality of the massage, the build quality of the massage, pricing and more.


What’s Included

The functions and features of the EC 06C are amazing. This specific massage chair is designed with long range massage motion meaning it reaches from your upper neck cleardown to your lower calf muscles giving you extreme comfort and tension relief. There is a total of 20 airbags located throughout the lower portion of the machine being sure to hit every muscle in your things, legs, and calves providing you with not only better blood circulationbut, a betterposture of the legs. A convenientuser-friendly control panel allows you to control the intensity of your massage from strong to weak giving you the exact level of comfort you desire. The high powered vibration motor adds extra relief to your buttocks and tailbone giving you the massage that your body needs.



 Bestmassage ec 06c Electric Full Body Massage chair

Bestmassage ec 06c Review


  • Massage Chair Build Quality 93%
  • Chair Massage Quality 92%
  • Massage Chair Features 89%
  • Pricing 98%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 93%
  • Consumer Reviews 97%

Editors Ratings



  •  Includes a 1-year limited warranty which provides spare parts in the case a malfunction may occur.
  •  Providing a Shiatsumassage, power rollers are used to massage your entire body providing you the fatigue and stress relief that other massage chairs don’t.
  •  The chair conforms to the shape of your body plus added massagers in the neck region are designed to specifically hit stress relief points on your neck and back.


  • For larger than average people, the calf massagers can be a little tight. Thecalf massager works best for people with smaller calf muscles. It’s intense.



The Best Massage EC 06C is an amazing deal overall. Made to be user-friendly, the controls are easy to use and provide custom functions. The numerous massage features will have you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and relieved. Hopefully our Bestmassage ec 06c review answered some of the questions you folks may have had about this massage chair.

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Bestmassage ec 06c
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