Contour Day Spa is a large spa treatment center. The company has one in Plantation, Florida next to the Broward Mall. The other location is in the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The main spa center is in Plantation, Florida. The building does not look like anything special on the outside, but the inside is exquisitely decorated in upscale water fountains, floral arrangements, and furniture.

Contour Day Spa Specials

Anyone who goes to the day spa should try out Contour Day Spa’s water massages. The spa treatment center has packages that include the water massage, a foot massage and hand reflexology, which is the name given for hand massages.

The water spa treatment starts in a dark room with lit ceilings designed to look like a midnight sky. The massage therapist sits the person down in a Jacuzzi bubble bath. The person lays her head back onto a cushion on the Jacuzzi. The massage therapist rubs the head, neck and shoulders. The water massage treatment is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing specials offered by Contour Day Spa.

Standard Spa Treatments

The water massage spa treatment is a specialty for the Contour Day Spa. The spa house has several other standard treatments available. The standard Swedish massage relaxes the patient and releases a lot of the stress from the day. The Swedish massage is a full body spa treatment.

The patient can add some aromatherapy to the treatment. Contour Day Spa’s signature treatment and aromatherapy adds soothing scents to the massage. The scents include floral and soothing scents that help relax the patient during treatment.

Patrons can also choose hot stone spa treatments. This type of treatment places heated lava stones along the spine while the person lies on the stomach. The massage therapist massages the muscles with the stones and hands to help release stress. The heat also plays a role in relaxing the muscle tissue, which also eliminates tension. Tension causes the pain in the back, shoulders and neck.

Contour Day Spa also offers laser hair removal, waxing and eyebrow shaping. A patron can spend an entire day being pampered by all the amenities offered at the spa treatment center. A patron can also buy spa gift packages for loved ones to enjoy the relaxing treatment.

Costs for Spa Treatments

The costs for these spa treatments vary. A person should expect to spend no less than $100 for a basic massage. However, costs can be up to $300 for a basic spa treatment package. Spa patrons should also expect the expense for a tip. A 20% tip on $100 is $20, so it is important to budget for this cost when visiting Contour Day spa.