Before getting into the truth about what massage therapists have to deal with on a daily basis, it’s important to point out that most massage therapists love their job and would be happy doing it for the rest of their lives. That said, it’s time for some hard truth.


It’s okay to forget to shave one’s legs once in a while, but keep in mind that the therapist in question is stuck in a small room with their client for an hour. It is not okay to never shower or wash one’s clothes. It’s also distressing when the client in question has doused themselves with an overabundance of cologne or has smoked an entire pack of cigarettes in their car with the windows rolled up. Some therapists have allergies, and no one wants their therapist to have a progressively runny nose while they’re working.

It is also not okay to keep silent about infectious rashes or fungi. A massage therapist works with her hand and cannot have a contagious rash. That means telling one’s therapist about warts, rashes, the whole nine yards, and accepting the fact that if one’s feet are overrun with some kind of infection, then a foot massage is out of the question.

Respect Your Massage Therapist

Please don’t ever refer to a massage therapist as a masseuse. It’s insulting. A massage therapist went to school, studied and trained in order to be certified to do what they do. A masseuse did not and more often than not is a prostitute, and cannot be found in massage therapy clinics.

Listen Carefully to the Therapists’ Instructions

Everyone is always in a hurry to get started with their treatment, so oftentimes they’ll try to rush a massage therapist through his or her instructions and miss important details in the process. A massage therapist knows that the client is anxious to start, but the information that they impart is important to the treatment. Not to mention that a lot of treatment time is wasted when the client does not remove necessary clothing or lies down the wrong way on the table because they weren’t listening to the instructions.

Explain Your Massage Needs Before Treatment Begins

Before the treatment begins, one should discuss what areas of the body they would like worked on with their therapist. If they feel that a therapist didn’t spend enough time on an area, or realize that they would like something else worked on as well, they should speak up right away. It is very frustrating when a client asks for more work done when there are only five minutes left in the treatment. It feels as though they are trying to cheat extra time out of their therapist and that is never appreciated.

Show Appreciation for Your Massage Therapist

Massage therapists work very hard for not very much money. It is important to realize and appreciate the sacrifices they make to their own bodies to make their clients feel better. Keeping this in mind, tipping is always appreciated.

It’s important to simply keep in mind that a massage therapist is a person too, and they have comfort levels like anyone else. Realize that they are professional, be sure to openly communicate with them about any fears, problems or concerns, and remember to always treat them with respect.