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Day to day life has become increasingly hectic, and people are looking for ways that they can relax and release the stress. One of the most effective ways is through a head massage. A head massage machine releases tension and improves hair growth and even improves circulation around the head relieving headaches.

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  • Massage Quality 91%
  • Battery Life 94%
  • Price 83%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 92%
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What Is A Head Massage Machine?

A head massage is a process of massaging the scalp with either the fingertips or devices. It can be done by professionals or even at home. A head massager can then be defined as a device that performs a head massage either automatically or manually. Head massagers are varied from the simple wires that someone massages their scalp with to the advanced headgear that uses modern technology, like air pressure, to massage the scalp.



The Different Types of Head Massage Machine

Head massagers are subdivided into different segments depending on the nature of the head massager.


Manual Tingle Scalp Massager. This type of massager is made up of flexible wires with heads that massage the head of the individual. The copper wires give a tingling sensation while massaging the main pressure points gently.


Motorized Tingle Scalp Massager. This type of massager is similar to the previous model except a motor that provides an added sensation. They are relatively cheap and more relaxing than the manual massager.


Wooden head massagers. These types of head massagers are based on acupressure offering the right pressure on the main pressure points. However, they are not flexible.


Electric massagers. These types of head massagers belong to the broader range of electric head massagers that use direct power or batteries to offer massage. They range from simple electric massagers that have vibrating parts to full scalp massage pieces.


Head Massage Machine Brands

When it comes to the best head massager brands in 2016, the following are the best based on customer reviews and expert opinions. Here are are the brands you can count on:








-Pure Therapy



The above list of head machine brands has proven themselves when it comes to releasing a quality head massager.



Benefits of owning a Head Massage Machine

When it comes to the benefits of having head massager, there are quite a few. Head massagers have numerous benefits like:

-Head massagers help in alleviating neck pain, headaches and migraines by improving the cerebral fluid circulation.

-Head massagers improve circulation of blood in the scalp improving hair growth as nutrients circulate better.

-Head massagers are helpful for people suffering from insomnia. Stress relieved using the massager allows the people to have better sleep.

-The process of relaxation allows the thoughts to be better organized boosting the memory by removing the log that restricts people

-Head massagers also help people who are suffering from depression and anxiety by supplying oxygen and giving users an opportunity to think clearly.



What to look for when buying a Head Massage Machine

There are certain aspects that buyers should look for when it comes to choosing the best head massager. This includes:

Powering. It is important to decide on whether you prefer using batteries on your head massager, a manual head massager or one that is electric in nature. In cases where there is unreliable power battery, powered massagers are better.

Portability. Some massagers are only suited for use in the home with limited portability while others can be packed. People who travel a lot should opt for portable head massagers.

Cost. The budget that the person has determines the type of head massagers that they should go for. Affordability and features should be merged to ensure that everything is done properly.

Durability. Some brands of head massagers last a lot longer than others. The cost and durability should be combined to ensure that the product is cost effective in the long run.

Settings and modes. Products with only one mode are not effective since they limit the type of massage. The more the massage settings, the better the product.



Maintaining and cleaning The Head Massage Machine

The cleaning head massagers depends on the type. In cases of those that have removable parts, cleaning is done by removing the removable parts and cleaning them independently. Waterproof massagers can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Some vinegar in a piece of cloth can disinfect the massager.




A Head Massage Machine is clearly an important way of relieving stress in our hectic lives. There are different types of head massagers, but the most popular are the electric head massagers. The most popular brands are the electric massagers that provide a more holistic massage experience. The different needs that people have should consider when purchasing a head massager. Most companies are developing waterproof massagers that are easy to clean and disinfect with vinegar at home.

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