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Best Massage Chair

A massage chair is an investment which is why it’s crucial to ensure to that you have the best massage chair possible. We break down the functions of a massage chair in a detailed review and buyers guide that looks to find you the best massage chair of 2016.

Best Massage Table

One piece of equipment that every massage thereapists needs is a massage table. Finding the best massage table ensures that your patients will be receiving the best possible massage. A dedicated review section that aims to find you the best massage table.

Best Portable Massage Chair

Whether you’re a massage therapist or simply someone who loves the trade, finding a good portable massage chair can be overwhelming. We put together a page that outlines portable massage chairs in order to help you find what’s right for you.

Best Massage Cushion

One of the most recommend massaging products in the market today is a massage cushion. A massage cushion is a specially designed seating cushion that massages an individual when they sit in it. This page is dedicated to finding you the best massage cushion.

Best Massage Pillow

One product that offers a deep-kneading massage and remains portable doing so is a massage pillow. A massage pillow can do wonders for your neck and shoulders and can also be used as a sleep aid. We breakdown and outline the massage pillow market in our detailed review and buyers guide.

Best Head Massage Machine

A head massage machine is a fairly new massage that has a very futuristic look to it. A good Head massage machine ensures that your forehead, earlobes, eyes and jaw are properly stimulated and massaged. A detailed review and buyers guide of the best head massage machine today.

The Best Neck and Shoulder

Neck and Shoulder massager: One piece of massaging equipment that has been getting very popular over the years is the neck and shoulder massager machine. This section outlines the functions of neck and shoulder massager machines as well as what the best units are.

Best Foot Massager

For those suffering from sore feet, a foot massager can make a worlds difference. When it comes to finding the best foot massager, you have quite a few options to choose from. This page is dedicated to finding you the best foot massager in the industry today.

Best Tens Unit and Ems Unit

Thousands of people across the glove have found pain relieve with Tens (acronym) units and ems (acronym) unit. Finding the best tens unit and ems unit can be overwhelming. This page is dedicated to helping you find the best tens unit and ems unit.

Best Massage Cane

An extremely simple, yet effective tool for releasing muscle knots and soothing muscle pain is a massage cane. A massage cane is a curved rod with a solid ball at the end used to relieve pressure in areas that need relief. This page is dedicated to finding you the best massage cane.

The Best Massage Oils

Massage oils are a category of oils that are suitable for body massages. Massage oils can nourish and protect your skin, improve blood circulation and sooth sore muscle joints. A detailed buyers and review guide for finding the best massage oils.

Handheld Massager

Best Handheld Massager

Handheld massagers are an excellent tool at simulating and massaging joint pain and muscle pain. This page is dedicated to educating users so they know what to look for when finding the best handheld massager.