Infant massage has been around for decades now.  It has become widely recognized as a powerful means of promoting development in infants and attachment with the caregivers, not to mention the myriad of physiological and emotional benefits that the massage can give.  And, it is with this recognition that infant massage certifications are now made available to the parents and caregivers to consider.

The infant massage certifications have been designed and developed for one main reason – more and more parents are trying to learn and practice everything that the infant massage has to offer.  So to make them reliable and credible enough to perform the massage, they must first attend trainings and earn infant massage certifications.

Fortunately, finding the right infant massage certifications is a bit easy for a myriad of options available out there for you to choose from.  However, just like the other certification programs, the infant massage certifications are given with different coverage, trainings, and charges.  But all of them, however, are designed and offered to make parents aware that infant massage is important for their babies’ health, and for their relationships as parent and child.  Yes, infant massage is a great way to build a great relationship between parents and infants, the reason that most of the infant massage certifications are offered for mothers and fathers.

Speaking of coverage, the infant massage certifications differ according to what is offered by the particular institution.  Some offer a background on the global history, methodology and techniques of infant massage, while others are focusing much on what the massage can contribute to the development of the infant. It is also usual in most infant massage certification that the emphasis is on the physical change infants and children is provided, as well as the understanding of touch deprivation effects between orphaned children and the families that could be at risk.  There are even some programs for certification that delve much on how to market your special skills and abilities and generate an infant massage class of your own.  This emphasis is primarily beneficial for those who are thinking to spread and share their knowledge to others.

The infant massage certification classes are usually handled by professionals.  In the class, your may encounter a number of physical therapists and childlife specialists holding the classes, such as nurses, developmental specialists, social workers, speech therapists, childbirth educators, doctors, massage therapists, lactation consultants, midwives, case workers, and parents teaching or attending the certification classes.  All of these people have their own reasons for attending the infant massage certification classes, but one thing is for sure – they all want to learn how to take care of infants who are their precious possessions.

So if you want to learn and be trained in infant massage, earn a degree in infant massage and a certificate called a “certified infant massage therapist”.