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Every individual should enjoy a massage from time to time. It leaves you feeling relaxed and feeling much better generally. It gets even better when using the right massage oil as it comes with added benefits and advantages. There are different types of massages and they require specific oils in an effort to deliver the desired results. You can purchase one so you can have access to therapy sessions at your own preference. In addition, you can select your massage oils rather than having your therapist make decisions for you, which can be experimental.

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What are Massage Oils?

Massage oils are a category of oils that are suitable for body massages. They are ideally designed to meet the needs of different people and the needs and benefits of specific types of massages. The key purpose is to lubricate your skin with the aim of reducing friction when performing a massage. In this, different kinds of massages will require different oils.

Massages with the help of the right oil ensure that your session is therapeutic. This will help to ensure that you retrieve your desired benefits. Massage oils come with varying properties that make it possible to be used for a body massage. They come with different density, viscosity, absorption rate, scent, as well as varying moisturizing capabilities.



The Different Types of Massage Oils

There are different type of massage oils in the market with different categories to suit different needs and preferences. Though there are various brands out in the market, they have similar types and categories to choose from. When listing the types of massage oils, it is best looked into by looking at the different sources. These include:

Sweet almond oil

This is probably the most popular massage oil for experts and massage therapists. It is extracted from almonds and it comes in a pale yellow color. Its absorptions is fairly quick so you do not have to frequently reapply and it is affordable. However, this is not for people with nut allergies. For those who love fragrance, it comes with a mild fragrance to relieve you.

Apricot kernel oil

This is very similar to almond oil in texture and color. It is rich in vitamin E, which makes its shelf life and health benefits more appealing. It will not leave you feeling greasy and is therefore, recommended for aromatherapy massage.

Jojoba oil

This is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It is recommended for individuals who have back acne thanks to its antibacterial properties. It absorbs well into your skin and it is not known to irritate any skin type. Its only downside is that it absorbs very fast and this may lead to frequent reapplying.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil comes with a long shelf life and is recommended for all skin types. However, people with oily skin types are advised to avoid frequent application. It will not stain your fabrics and just a little goes a long way.

Cocoa butter

This massage oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients when seeking to boost your skin’s health. It however needs to be blended with other oils due to its heavy texture so it provides the desired glide.

The above are popular types of massage oils and many brands are pushing them in their line of massage oils. Other massage oils that are gaining popularity include avocado oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, Shea butter, as well as Kuikui nut oil.



Massage Oils Brands

The market has a number of brands pushing for massage oils with every brand promising to meet your ideal needs and preferences. However, there are popular brands in the market that are brewing a hype and for good reason too. These brands have a line of massage oils to meet your every need and have the experience that has perfected their products. Some of the top brands include:

Banyarn Botanicals

Soothing Touch






Natural Treasures

These brands have diverse products with the aim of providing the best for different skin types as well as address different concerns. For example, one brand may have different massage oils to address individuals looking to get rid of cellulite, reduce acne, or simply slow down aging signs.


Benefits of using Massage Oils

Massage oils may vary in their capabilities but they come with several similar benefits. While some massage oils stand out as individual entities, some need to be combined to be beneficial. These may include:

Provides a smooth glide during massages

Generally, massages are mean to provide relieve to your body’s systems. However, a massage for dry skin can be painful and irritation due to the friction levels when rubbing. In this, the use of massage oils comes in handy in reducing the friction thus helping you to relax through the entire procedure.

It nourishes the skin

Massage oils are commonly extracted from rich sources such as coconut fruits, almond plants, as well as avocados. These are rich in vitamins and have enriching properties to help your skin grow healthy while at the same time giving your skin life. Massage oils also open up your pores so your skin can breathe better while at the same time not exposing your skin to harmful products.

It improve blood circulation

When incorporating a massage oil, you will be able to provide an effective massage thus boosting blood circulation. This is because you will be able to reach out to deep tissues and muscles thus releasing tension. During a massage, you tend to heat the oil when rubbing it in, this in turn massages the nerves, which in turn boost blood circulation.

You can get rid of dead skin and dirt effectively

With the right massage oil, you will be able to get rid of dead skin during your massage. When rubbing in oil, you lighten the dead skin by making it lose and it gets easier to rinse off the dead skin. This leaves your skin clean and in turn minimizes infections from dirt.

They help protect your skin

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and how it appearance is of key importance. Massage oils come with several vitamins and nutrients that when they are massaged into your skin boost its health. In addition, they feature antibacterial and antioxidant properties that protect your skin from the day-to-day environmental hazards such as the sun’s UV rays.



What To Look For in Massage Oil Products

Massage oils in the market are many and it can be rather confusing when looking for one. They are also categorized into different types that will help meet the needs and preferences of different massages. This is dependent on the different properties of massage oils. When out shopping for a massage oil, the following are key factors to look into before making your ideal choice.

Density/ glide

Glide refers to control or the amount of friction resistance an oil massage provides. When looking for a massage oil, it is recommended that you identify one that is not very dense. Look for one that is generally filtered. This will ensure an easy glide so you can enjoy your massage.


Viscosity is all about the thickness of your massage oil. In reference with viscosity, it is recommended you select one with low viscosity. There are thinner oils or heavier oils in the market.

It is important to provide a balance between the glide and viscosity when choosing your massage oil. This will be identified by identifying your personal preference and the desired outcome. Your personal preference is all about what you like or prefer and does not necessarily have some scientific backup. You also have to consider your desired outcome. This is why you need to point out why you need the massage. Are you looking for therapeutic solutions, some health benefits, or are you simply looking to moisturize your skin?


The massage oil is designed to benefit your skin. In this, it should be absorbed into the skin. It is recommended that you settle for one that will be absorbed into your skin but not too quickly, as this will dry out your skin and reduce lubrication.

Odor/ scent

Scent is important and going for scented oils will leave you, feeling relaxed and offers therapeutic benefits. On the other hand, going for unscented oils allows you to add essential oils in reference to your preferences. Depending on what you are looking for, you can therefore make the ideal choice.

Purity of the oil/ natural products

Massage oils come with different ingredients. While they all provide you with advance benefits, it is recommended that you go for oils that are more natural. This is more so for those with sensitive skin. Natural massage oils do not contain chemical preservatives. When shopping, go for oils with organic and natural ingredients.



Type of massage you get from massage oils

Different massage oils deliver best for different types of massages. For those who are specific about the massage type, you will be able to understand which massage oil is best to deliver the best results. For example, acupressure massages and Balinese massage will call for use of different massage oils.


Your budget is a very important consideration. However, even when working on a budget, you should never compromise on quality. As much as you are working within your budget, it is best hat you go for the best within the budget.

Side effects

Massage oils have different ingredients and they are derived from different sources. In addition, different people have different skin types. It is therefore, important that you go for a massage oil that will not react to your skin. For example, if you have acne prone skin, it is best that you do not go for oils that will accumulate on your skin or one that will lead to a break out.




Massage oils come with varying properties and with this difference comes the different massage procedures. There are different type of massages and they require specific oils whereas others do not require any massage oil such as Anma massage. It is recommended that you purchase a massage oil for yourself so you can have access to therapy sessions at your own preference. In addition, you can select your massage oil rather than having your therapist make decisions for you because you understand your skin better. The most important consideration is finding a massage oils that best complements your skin type with the aim of delivering on your desired results.

The above guide will help you make the right pick for your massage oils despite the several brands in the market. You will be able to point out the different types of massage oils and the benefits they have to offer. You can then narrow it down by selecting the popular brands that have received positive feedback from consumers.

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