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Top Rated Massage Chairs Reviews: Best Massage Chair Under 3000


For those looking for a top rated massage chair under 3000, three chairs stand head and shoulder above the rest of the similarly priced chairs. When putting together this list, we factored in key features that are essential when it comes to massaging such as massage quality, the amount of massaging techniques the chair provides and more. Here is the list:

1. Relaxon Chair Zero Gravity Shiatsu Chair with Built-in heating and airbag massage


This chair was a close second and was not far off from being considered the best massage chair under 3000. The Relaxon massage chair Provides benefits from the zero gravity feature such as taking pressure off of your vertebrae, having your feet at the same level as your heart and relieving back pain. Sensors allow the rollers to track the body of the user so they can massage in the correct place. Contains features such as deep tissue massage, full body stretching and lower back heating. This model was designed to mimic the comfortable seats found in the first class sections of airplanes. It is designed to fit different body shapes and sizes. Positioning options offer a new form of zero gravity. Comes with a remote control that displays a large screen to easily allow the person in the chair to see the functions that are currently being used.  Added features include back heating, next generation foot and arm massages. Adjustment options are available for suiting the user’s height requirements. Massage techniques include Shiatsu, Kneading. Tapping and Knocking. Use the remote to conveniently place the settings that you need in order to suit your preference.

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2. Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with heating therapy


The FDA has this chair deemed as a medical device which sais a ton about this massage chair. It contains two zero-gravity positioning options. The air bags are positioned throughout this helpful device in order to concentrate on your hips,waist, shoulders and arms. The L-track massage system is a roller trail that gives support throughout the body and decompresses the spine allowing for a more effective massage. One of the benefits of having a zero-gravity chair is that your weight is evenly distributed, which is an ideal position to receive a deeper massage. When your legs are placed at a higher level than your heart, you will feel the relaxing effects of the massage sooner. The combination of chair features, massage chair design, building quality and price to performance ratio makes this the very best massage chair under 3000 of this list.

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3. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair with S-Track


This design contains a massage robot that focuses on different parts of the body. It detects where targeted areas are located on the user’s body in order to give them a specialized massage. The Osaki os-4000 is one of the best massage chair under 3000 that has numerous unique features and a chair build that rivals a 5000 massage chair. The 6 auto-programs offer different massage options and allow you to explore what works best. Adjust the widths that include wide, medium, and narrow to suit your body. Find a combination of massage techniques and settings that are just for you with this option. When it comes the company osaki, you know you are getting a quality unit when you look at their track record. The massage chair company has won numerous awards through out the years when it comes to massage chairs and it shows in the osaki os-4000.

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4. Brown Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner 3D Massager Heat by BestMassage

best massage chair under 3000

This chair has been redesigned and updated and includes programmed massage features that offer options in recovery, relax, extend and refresh modes. The electric full body shiatsu massage chair is flexible, contains a neck massager and targets stress relief. It also contains a lower back range, an ultra long range and a fatigue relieving air massage. Concentrated movements can be applied to your legs and feet. The Shiatsu component relaxes muscles, relieves stress, reduces fatigue and improves mobility so that you can accomplish more throughout the day. This is by far one of the best massage chair under 3000 and its not surprising why when you consider the features provided and the durability of the chair.

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5. Ideal Massage’s Luxury Shiatsu Heated Massage Chair

Top Rated Massage Chairs

This chair is ideal for daily stress relief. Massage options include rolling, kneading, and shiatsu. It also includes a vibrating massage function that preps your body before encountering heavier massage techniques. All these elements in one chair provide benefits such as reducing fatigue and having a more effective massage that makes you feel as though you are at the hands of an actual masseuse. This chair meets all of the necessities when it comes to massaging expierince and is hands down one of the best massage chair under 3000.

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The above 5 massage chairs will satisfy your massaging needs and offer a viable replacement to a massage therapist. Like we briefly mentioned on our homepage, be sure to choose a massage chair that fits your needs and requirements. Also, make sure the chair warranty is fairly long and covers many of the core massage chair tech. No matter what the top rated best massage chair under 3000 are, having a long warranty includes parts and service will keep you at ease and ensure the chair is always functioning.